Thursday, November 10, 2011

Running around with my backpack.

I needed to clear my head and straighten out my thoughts. So I went for a run. Running always helps. Even in the busiest times. Actually, especially in the busiest times.

As I was running I felt like I was running through myself. All of a sudden I was in Gothenburg, along the river. Then I ran towards Italy. It was something about the plants. I could see myself in Cyprus, along the Mediterranean, my regular promenade. For a moment I was even at the beautiful countryside of Finland. I believe it was the smell of the flowers. Was I going crazy?

No. I realized that it was the opposite. I was just putting all the pieces of my puzzle together. Without everything that is to be found in my backpack I would not be here. I would be somewhere else. Someone else.

I should use it, instead of running away from it.

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