Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let people push your buttons and pull yourself up.

Certain people just know what buttons to push. Whether it be the emotional ones, the physical ones or the intellectual ones. Life definitely becomes much more interesting when all these buttons are being pushed every now and then. Preferably in a somewhat random pattern and if possible by many different people.

I am glad to say that I have a bunch of people in my life that can push all my different buttons. And the best part is, that sometimes it's completely unexpected. Like today, for example.

I was up on the treadmill, lacking energy and with very tired legs. I pushed myself through the 26 minutes, but I didn't enjoy it. That's not a good start for a workout. But let me tell you, that almost two hours later, I walked out of the gym feeling great, with extremely tired arms. But for a good reason -- because of fun weight lifting.

This morning, the stars told me that I should know that people are watching my special way of conducting my business. That's why I laughed for myself when I was told, when doing one-arm pull ups:

"You know, they pretend that they're just talking over there. But in fact, they're watching to see if you're going to do it."

So I did it, I pulled myself up.

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