Monday, November 28, 2011

K Monday turned into laughing feast.

I woke up this morning with a big aggressive F-word. Bobster asked me "Grandma, are you angry stressed and in a hurry?" and when my immediate answer was "yes" I just had to laugh a bit. Talk about Litte Miss Not Sunshine.

The day proceeded in somewhat the same mood – until I realized I still had gum in my hair. I thought it was reasonable to notify the person who put the gum there in the first place and the respons was a great advice: How to Get Gum out of Your Hair. Little Miss Not Sunshine started laughing.

The workout was fun too and people seemed to be in the same weird Monday mood as me. At one point I got directions in some kind of fake Russian accent. Little Miss Not Sunshine laughed even more.

The laughing climax came when Iron Ass played her old favorite song. I encourage all Swedish speaking people to listen to it: Cool Guys in Hats. Iron Ass is the DJ. And this K Monday turned into a laughing feast.

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