Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From the lucky juggler.

I have been a bit off lately. As we all can be sometimes. For no specific reason, I would say. But I guess Miss Perfectionist would argue that I am a bit stressed over getting things done and getting them done well. Perfect, even.

There are many balls flying in the air and I know that I can juggle them if I only give myself time to breathe. And if I only reach out my hand and say "Help? Please?" People are nice. People are good. People are eager to help, if you only ask them.

After a couple of hours of research, sending e-mails and collecting phone numbers, I walked home with a good feeling in my heart. It was a bit chilly. My fingers turned blue. But it struck me how lucky I was, that I was one my way back to a warm home.

I sometimes moan about having too much, but let's stop for a second and think about those who have nothing at all. I wish I could give them my all. Not my problems, not my responsibilities. But simply myself. My hand. My help.

The rest of the week, whenever I get stressed or feel a bit off, I will think about all those people I want to give my all. To land on a position from where I will actually be able to do that, I have to juggle, breathe and ask for a helping hand every now and then.

If I help you, you can help me. And we can all walk up the stairs together. One step at the time.

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