Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight saving time.

Okay, so today is the day when we go back to standard time here in VA. In Sweden, it was last Sunday, which my calendar told me, which I told everybody present. Oh. Sorry if I made anyone late for a whole week! We realized the error thanks to our lovely computers who did not change time and of course we trust our computers. They later told us the real deal and we have been on time all week.

Anyway, tonight we got to sleep a little extra over here and that was a very welcome gift, indeed. Perfect timing, I would say!

"The only thing we've got lots of is lack of time," my PE teacher in high school always told me and my classmates. That is pretty much how I feel this sunny Sunday when it is daylight saving time. I need every minute and I need to use it well.

And a little wondering; can we really save time?

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