Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The nerds in the classroom - somebody has to do it.

Apparently, a Swedish newspaper is coming to our class on Friday to do an interview with two of the guys in our program.

"Why are they interviewing you two and not Sofia and Malin?!" was the immediate response from a third classmate, when this announcement was made.

And yes, she did make a point there; we are the nerds in the classroom. We are the ones who say "We don't want to drop a class. We didn't have any problems understanding the instructions. We don't think it's too much to read."

We raise our hands whenever there is a question posed. We speak when everybody else is quite. And we stay after class with inquiries. Yes, we are the nerds in the classroom. But somebody has to take on that role too. Sorry if we annoy the hell out of people (if we do), but we just enjoy learning!

B1 and B2 - The Nerds in the classroom.

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