Saturday, October 22, 2011

Play with your words, mate!

I am a language nerd. A play on words always makes me laugh - the dorkier the better. That is why I wasn't only giggling when I saw this big poster on the metro station, but also took out my camera and took a picture of it. And here I give it to you (and some free media to the Maca... too bad for them the whole name didn't show).

All the language nerds, all the language nerds - let's giggle together and then bring out the thesaurus and find some synonyms for a play on words. We can also be talking about:

- pun
- wordplay
- double entendre
- innuendo
- witticism
- quip
- bon mot

That's the word fun of today - keep on playing folks!

And a question regarding this poster: does the food look so delicious because
the food looks so delicious or because the man with the mussels is pretty hot?

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