Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ok, so the Libyan leader is dead. But what about the squirrels!?

My favorite e-mail, which is dropped off in my inbox every afternoon, is the one called "Afternoon Buzz" sent to me from the Washington Post, since I am a home delivery subscriber. It is such a cozy thing. Even though I am not always at home when I read it, I get the feeling of making myself comfortable in the sofa and I can almost smell the coffee.

This service is supposed to "keep you up-to-date on the news that has occurred since you received your morning paper". You would think that the first news story in today's "Afternoon Buzz" would be somehow connected to the killing of Moammar Gadaffi, wouldn't you?

Well, I did. So you might imagine how surprised I was when the first headline read: "The coming squirrel famine." Really?

Of course, I just had to read it. And this, I tell you, might have been the most entertaining piece of news story I have ever read. This is a story about how the squirrels in the area might end up without food because there might be a shortage of acorns due to Hurricane Irene. However, it seems the acorns on the ground are around average, so there might not be a problem after all. Furthermore, the walnuts on the ground could potentially make upp for possible loss of acorns.

If you are to read one, and only one, story ever in your life - THIS IS THE ONE TO READ!

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