Thursday, October 6, 2011

Milon on marriage.

Let's be honest, Milon is not really the relationship kind of girl. Her history is not a very successful one and the thought of going down that road again is more than frightening. Terrifying, really.

There will most likely not be a wedding ceremony for this girl in the nearest future (if ever?!). But never say never, and lately, there has been a few things that have popped up and made Milon curious aout walking down the aisle.

Therefore, I give to you Milon's this-is-who-I-want-to-marry-list:

# 1. The Internet - what would I do, who would I be without you?
# 2. The chocolate peanut butter pie at T.G.I Friday's - a good relationship calls for good... stuff.
# 3. The MacBook Pro - because I think it's important that your husband is also your best friend.
And the alternate: Wheat Thins - in case the peanut butter pie fails to deliver the... stuff.

Maybe you will see Milon in a wedding dress after all. If so, probably somewhere where polygamy is not frowned upon. I mean; 1, 2 and 3 together would make the perfect husband. Am I right or wrong?

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