Monday, October 17, 2011

Can you get money from the tip box to afford toilet paper?

The 305 girls were out of toilet paper. So, last night, on our way home from the Swedish embassy, Grandma and Tattarn took a detour to the Deli next to us to handle this unpleasant situation. We grabbed a roll of toilet paper - and one for the kitchen too, while we were at it - and headed towards the cash desk. The cute guy was working (hurray!).

At the desk, we decided that that would be the perfect moment to get rid of all our coins. Said and done, we asked Mr. Cute Cashier if he wanted coins and when he said yes we gave him all we had. When we came to the pennies, we needed 50, but only reached to 40. Oh no...

"And here you have ten," Mr. Cute Cashier then said and took a dime from the Deli's tip box.

That is correct. We did not only pay for two rolls of paper with mostly coins, but also managed to get money from the tip box to actually afford our purchase. That's how the 305 girls do it.

We have so many skills.

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