Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Houses - and a little extra.

This is what the nearby neighborhood looks like in these times of Halloween. Halloween, by the way, originally from the celtic tradition All-Hallows-Even. One believed that the dead were kept in ban before leaving for heaven and on the eve of take-off, they played tricks on their friends.

For the trick-or-treating, the trick used to be children actually telling a ghost story, or the like, that their parents had taught them. For that performance, they were given a small treat. This time of celebration also marks a change of season, where there is lots of food from the harvest.

All this information from Professor Cramer, who found it important to teach us Swedes a little bit about American culture (after this storytelling he went on to baseball) and claimed that "you will pick up PR on your own." Amusing, indeed!

Anyway, the houses, yes. This is what they can look like. Holiday mood for sure!

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