Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Grandma - the clairvoyant one.

This morning, I lost an earring. It was one of my favorites so I did get kind of upset. I was in a hurry, where I was sitting in the computer lab, and didn't have time to search for it. As mentioned: upsetting. However, I did have a sense that I would find it again. I just didn't know where.

After class, when I was in the changing room preparing for the gym, I thought to myself "What if my earring got stuck in my jeans and will now just appear. That would be neat." I kind of saw it coming and then - it did!

My favorit earring. On the floor. There it was. So it is true - if you believe in something strong enough, it will sooner or later happen. Or, I am just one of those clairvoyant people.

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