Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DC Drag Queen Race 2011.

7:30 P.M. Waiting for the bus home to Pentagon. Kind of tired after a long day on campus. Most of all, we just wanted food and bed. But as we stood there at the bus stop, we started talking about tonight's event in Dupont Circle and got all excited.

Tonight was the night for the annual DC Drag Queen Race. It is a glittering, high heeled and colorful event that takes place the Tuesday before Halloween. Tattarn even read about this spectacle in her DC travel guide, so we figured it has to be something one wants to experience.

It sure was. What a festive atmosphere! Hundreds of people on the street, cheering on men being dressed, not only as women, but dressed up and out as everything you can imagine and more.

If you happen to be in DC around Halloween next year, get yourself down to Dupont and be a part of the Drag Queen fun!

By the way, my beret totally did not reflect the temperature.
It was a nice and mild evening. Around 60°F (15,5°C). We like DC fall.

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