Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Così, così.

Things have been relatively slow the last few days - not so much to read, a few things to write - but my head is constantly in speed mode and I keep a constantly high flow. I don't want to go to bed at night, because I enjoy the silence of the late hour. I want to get up early every morning, because I don't want to miss an important second of the day. I pay attention during class and I work hard at the gym. And when I get a spare minute - I think. About stuff.

Thinking is often tiring. Especially when it is about stuff. And now, at Così in Crystal City, I am tired. I do have a few must-do's, but all I want to do is write from my heart and read about Carla Bruni's newborn daughter.

Writing from my heart clears my head from the thinking. Reading in French keeps me focused and unable to think of anything else than the beautiful language (that I miss speaking, by the way). My days are sunny and my heart is fairly light, but this always happens. After intense days of high speed, my head goes to overload and I just want to reload.

Old and wise as I am (question mark on that one), I let myself crash and burn from brain work overload. I press the break pedal for a second and then, when my heart gives me green light again, I step on the accelerator and start all over.

The sun is shining over my world and I just want to keep moving forward.

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