Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss Student - the final rush.

What day is it today? I don't really know, but when I do some really thorough research I find out that it's Thursday. I've been here for two days now and everything is still new. The girl who is a bit impatient is on the one hand a bit frustrated that she doesn't know where all the good places are and what the bus routes look like, but on the other hand, she is very excited about everything that is new - all the time. Oh, the girl I'm referring to is of course myself.

Yesterday and today I have been visiting the college where I will attend five courses during this first semester here in DC, 'cause that's what I will be doing here; study. In the meantime, I will also be preparing for an internship, which will start after Christmas.

I am motivated to study, but I hope this will be some kind of final rush. Today, as I was listening to various counsellors talking about how to transfer credits, how to pick a major and so on and so forth, I felt kind of relieved that I already know what I am doing and where I am heading. I want to live in the moment, go all in on campus life and start to study now, but after that I think I am ready to leave the comfortable school books. First stop: internship. Second: real life.

All of a sudden, life becomes real and I really, really like it.

Greetings from an, at the moment, unbelievably tired person who cannot get herself together and write anything comprehensible. Sorry for that. Some people call it jet lag, we might call it socialize and play games with fellow students. Or a bit of both. Anywho - life is good.

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