Saturday, August 27, 2011

Aggressive rain as Irene approaches.

Okay, the rain is falling in a very aggressive manner now and it is quite windy. But the hurricane is not here yet. We are stille waiting for something - what to call it - heavier, stronger? 

I am waiting for someone to come in and sound a flourish and say something like "Ladies and gentlemen. May I introduce to you the very charming, windy, crazy lady Hurricane Irene!" and then a spectacle will begin. Like when you go to see a play at the theater.

As long as I still have Internet connection, I will update you all on this spectacle. The Washington Post underlines that it's not a panic situation in our area, but we will probably have power outages during the night. Let us prepare for the worse, but always hope for the best.


  1. Iphone? Vad har hänt med den söta rosa??

  2. Iphone? Nej, jag har ingen Iphone. Den söta rosa har tyvärr varit med om en mindre lycklig vattenincident, men jag använder nu Rosas vita tvillingsyster som en gång tillhörde min mamma. SÅ någon Iphone rör det sig inte om.